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Series AP400 ZF Planetary Rigid Axles
SO far Liuzhou ZF Machinery Co.,Ltd.just produces axles AP-412/HK and AP-410/DK which are suitable to wheel loader application ZL40/ZL50and with following specification:
Aode Type AP-412/HK AP-410/DK
Max.static axle load(ton) 25.1 21.7
Max.dyn.axle load(ton) 15.3 13.3
Max.Output Torque(Nm) 101,140 81,030
Total Axle Ratio 23.5 23.5
A overall dimenslon(mm) 2650 2530
B Flange to Flange Dimension(mm) 2140 2140
C Track width(mm) 2150 2150
DSuspension Mounting Track(mm) Standard 860ⅹ1040ⅹ200-4φ25  
I Option I 920ⅹ1100ⅹ200-4φ25  
II Option II 970ⅹ1150ⅹ210-4φ25  
D2 Rim Bolts Dim.(mm) 425 425
D3 Rim Stop Dim.(mm) 370 370
Dimension from axle center to banjo bottom(mm) 214 207.5
lnput flange DINφ180/Mech 7C DINφ150/Mech 7C
MAX.Brake oil Pressure(bar) 80 80
Max.Displacement of brake Col.(cm3) 100 80
Weight(kg) 1024kg without oil 800kg without oil
Filling Oil(1) 35 35
The AP400 was designed specifically for appliaction of heavy duty construction equipment.The model range consists of 7 sizes:for dynamic axle loads from 10.7 to 32t with a wide range of axle ratio sand track widths.

The AP400 series axles possess desiqn characteristics which can be called innovative without exaggeration.Our main goal iS to provide greater reliability and safety standards m continuous heavy duty operation.ZF has further developed a proven brake system to meet this qoal.Wet multi disc brakes provide for optimum life and minimum repair.This brakes system is suitable for type of heavy-duty vehicle,which should be under continuous heavyduty operation.If the operation or application of a vehicle requires it,an additional external coolinqsystem iSavaiable.

For inspection or service of the brakes,only the cover of the wheel head has to be removed.Removing of the tires or lifting of the vehicle is not required.ZF was able to increase safety considerably-with reliable,constant brake perormance.The ZF quality standard ensures a high percentage of in service time and additionally meets the demands of the construction industry for maximum service life.

The off-road applications require ground clearanc as high as technically possible.With broad planetary ratios in the wheel heads,we can design compact differentials which allow for greater ground clearance using the same tire size.ZF Slid limited self-locking differentials(with max.block efficiency45%) increase tractive effort and off-road capability to a maximum.

lnstallation dimensions
1 input flange
2 axle suspension(pendulum or via spring pads)
3 brake bleeder
4 Hydraulic connection for integrated multi-disc brake
5 Wheel mounting
6 oil filler hole
7 oil drain
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